These Winning Super Bowl Instagram Captions Will Score All the Likes on Game Day (2024)

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These Winning Super Bowl Instagram Captions Will Score All the Likes on Game Day (3)

The big day is almost here, and whether you're rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs or the San Francisco 49ers, it's time to start preparing for a day of entertainment. We're talking Super Bowl appetizers and Super Bowl party invitations, Super Bowl party games and DIY football decorations. All of these fun football-themed ideas have one thing in common: They absolutely must be shared on social media! That's where we come in with the best Super Bowl Instagram captions. While February 11 is obviously all about football, the day also comes with some other fun festivities for those not too keen on football like the best commercials of the year and a killer concert!

All that food and decor is going to make for some great photos, but before you post that selfie of your game face or picture of your famous buffalo chicken dip on social media, you need to come up with a winning Super Bowl Instagram caption that’ll score maximum likes from your friends and followers.

Since you'll probably be too busy watching the halftime show, we've done the legwork for you. From football puns and one-liners to clever sayings about food to the best sports movie quotes, all that's left to do is peruse this list and select your winning Super Bowl caption!

Funny Super Bowl Captions

These Winning Super Bowl Instagram Captions Will Score All the Likes on Game Day (4)

  • I love a man in uniform!
  • "It’s ridiculous for a country to get all worked up about a game—except the Super Bowl, of course. Now that’s important." —Andy Rooney
  • Just waiting for halftime.
  • Wake me up when they start showing Taylor Swift.
  • I'm only here for the Puppy Bowl.
  • Goal!
  • Are you even a Swiftie if you aren't rooting for the Chiefs?
  • I wish all of this football would stop interrupting the commercials.
  • You don't like my team? That's okay, not everyone has good taste.
  • Is it time for the halftime show yet?
  • I like big punts and I cannot lie.
  • This beer is my number one draft pick.
  • On Sundays, we watch football.
  • Sorry for what I said during the football game.
  • Wake me up when Usher is on stage.
  • Punt intended.
  • Go Taylor's boyfriend!
  • Did they score?
  • Do these people know the players can't hear you through the TV?
  • Where's NFL Man?
  • Football is the one habit I just can't kick.
  • Calm before the score.
  • Time for sportsball!
  • Was that a homerun?
  • I can't keep calm when the Chiefs/49ers are on.
  • Where's Beyoncé?
  • Football is life!
  • "I may be dumb, but I'm not stupid." —Terry Bradshaw
  • Are the coaches always this angry?
  • Referees have feelings too!
  • Why is there a football game in the middle of this Usher concert?
  • Feeling tail-great at this Super Bowl party!

Super Bowl Captions About Food

  • Only eating football-shaped foods today.
  • Eat like a champion today.
  • Came for the sports, stayed for the guac.
  • Red wine pairs well with pretending to understand football.
  • When you dip, I dip, we dip.
  • I'm just winging it.
  • My idea of a super bowl is a large bowl of guacamole.
  • This beer is my number one draft pick.
  • Time to huddle...around the chip bowl.
  • The only foul I know is double-dipping.
  • Snacks > Football.
  • My game plan is to devour all the snacks.
  • You are my MVP: most valuable pizza.
  • In a serious relation-chip.
  • I don't give a guac.
  • At least we're winning in the snack department.
  • So, are you team ranch or blue cheese?
  • We might not have a Super Bowl ring, but we have onion rings!
  • Watching other people exercise makes me hungry.
  • Only here for the snacks.

Super Bowl Captions About Winning

These Winning Super Bowl Instagram Captions Will Score All the Likes on Game Day (8)

  • Super Bowl rings don't lie.
  • Today’s forecast: 100% chance of winning.
  • If Travis Kelce can win over Taylor Swift, he can win anything!
  • Fantasy football is you thinking your team has a chance to win.
  • "I rub it in pretty good when I win." — Tom Brady
  • Champions play as one.
  • All I do is win.
  • To all you haters: told you so!
  • What's one thing Ariana Grande and Tom Brady have in common? They both have 7 Rings!
  • I predict that an NFL team will win this game.
  • Keep calm and get your game faces on.
  • I'm rooting for both teams, I can't loose.
  • "The only way to prove that you’re a good sport is to lose." —Ernie Banks
  • A win is a win.

Football Movie Quotes for Super Bowl Captions

These Winning Super Bowl Instagram Captions Will Score All the Likes on Game Day (10)

  • "No one, and I mean no one, comes into our house and pushes us around." — Rudy
  • "Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose." — Friday Night Lights
  • "Football is a way of life." — Varsity Blues
  • "Ladies, ever had a quarterback sandwich?" — North Dallas Forty
  • "You can do it." — The Waterboy
  • "In a typhoon, it's anybody's game." — Necessary Roughness
  • "You look like a bunch of fifth grade sissies after a cat fight!" — Remember the Titans
  • "Show me the money!" — Jerry McGuire
  • "Just remember, football is 80 percent mental and 40 percent physical." —Little Giants
  • "I wish I could say something classy and inspirational, but that just wouldn't be our style. Pain heals. Chicks dig scars. Glory...lasts forever." —The Replacements
  • “When you take that field today, you've got to lay that heart on the line.” —We Are Marshall
  • "21 straight lines five yards apart. That is a football field." -The Express

These Winning Super Bowl Instagram Captions Will Score All the Likes on Game Day (12)

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These Winning Super Bowl Instagram Captions Will Score All the Likes on Game Day (2024)
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