List of Blue Chip Stocks at 52-Week Low 2023 - Angel One (2024)

List of Blue Chip Stocks at 52-Week Low 2023 - Angel One (1)

Blue-chip company stocks are often associated with profits for investors. These are the stocks you typically find, coming out of large corporations with solid fundamentals and a track record of robust performance overall. Nonetheless, blue-chip stocks offer investors a long-term investment horizon as they tend to be sturdy investments you can benefit from in the long run. They have the inherent ability to withstand market volatility and come out on top in the long run. Most experienced investors may likely bet on blue-chip stocks to build their portfolio in the long run as they prove to be stable.

Understanding Blue-chip Stocks at 52-week Lows

Investors, especially those who have some expertise in investing in blue-chip stocks, have different strategies and tactics when it comes to trading in the stock markets. They invest in stocks with a clear plan in mind, and among the strategies they adopt is the evaluation of blue chips at 52-week lows (the lowest traded price in the past 52 weeks/1 year). By assessing the 52-week low of any blue-chip stocks, investors can determine whether stocks are potentially undervalued or not. Investors may prefer to invest in undervalued stocks as these stocks may rise substantially in the future when markets realise their true or intrinsic value.

While blue chip stocks have a strong reputation for consistency and stability (as long as investors believe in long-term growth), they may potentially have some limitations where exponential growth is concerned. That is, they typically undergo minimal fluctuations, preventing them from delivering huge returns in shorter timeframes. It is worth looking at some blue-chip stocks that have hit 52-week lows in 2023 if you are considering a reliable investment.

Blue-chip Stocks at 52-week Lows

Here is a table showing you some of the famous blue-chip stocks that have hit 52-week lows recently:

Stock NameSectorMarket Capitalisation (Cr.)Close Price (Rs.)PE Ratio (%)Away from 52-week Low3-Year CAGR5-Year CAGR
WiproIT & Consulting Services2,03,135.99389.9517.8910.7815%13%
Hindustan UnileverFMCG – Household Products6,24,180.672,656.5561.6811.016%8%
Eicher MotorsBuses and Trucks86,854.923,173.929.8111.9115%3%
Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)IT and Consulting Services11,97,223.313,271.9528.4111.8215%10%
Kotak Mahindra BankPrivate Banking3,71,511.621,866.925.1313.597%7%
InfosysIT and Consulting Services5,50,004.961,329.1522.8312.1415%15%

Note: The blue-chip stocks listed here are as of July 2023 data derived from the Nifty 50 Index – Large-caps.

Information About Blue-chip Stocks at 52-week Lows

The blue-chip companies included in the table are reputable behemoths in many sectors of Indian business. Most major stock market investors have these mainstays in their financial portfolios. When such stocks, which are normally highly valued, reach their 52-week lows, it is worthwhile to consider investing in them since they are almost certain to provide positive returns in the long run. Let’s find out a little more about these industry giants:

  • Wipro

Wipro Ltd needs no introduction to most people in India. It is now a global IT (information technology) provider of services. The company is expected to have a substantial growth rate for the next year which is greater than that experienced by the company in the past.

  • Hindustan Unilever

This is a rapid-moving consumer goods company and the Indian economy as well as the country in general is dependent on the products the business produces. The stock of the company is presently in a zone of relatively lower risk so it may be considered as a positive investment depending on your financial requirements, investor patterns, and time horizon.

  • Eicher Motors

A famous automobile products business, EML or Eicher Motors Limited is renowned for manufacturing everything related to auto components. The company also functions in different verticals of business including commercial vehicles, motorcycles, etc. The company has a good estimation of future profitability as well.

  • Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

A behemoth in the sphere of information technology (IT) in India, TCS offers services in the IT domain, including digital solutions and business systems. This is a great blue chip with a history of rising share prices and phenomenal growth spurts. On the Nifty 50 index, it is ranked in the top 5 stocks.

  • Kotak Mahindra Bank

This is a legendary bank in the private banking sector of India. It provides banking services in investment banking and commercial banking. Notably, the company’s holdings of mutual funds have increased in recent times, giving a boost to the overall performance of the company.

  • Infosys

The pride and joy of Narayana Murthy, Infosys stands as one of the prominent IT and consulting services companies in this digital age. The company is actively engaged in outsourcing, technology, consulting, and next-generation services.

Final Lines on Blue-chips At 52-week Lows

Blue-chips at 52-week lows provide investors with insight into potential investment plans. They learn how these companies fared over a year and use this metric to predict market volatility. Investors rely on data-backed information to make educated judgements about investing in certain blue-chip firm stocks. In addition to essential elements, they can make excellent returns in the long run. If you are considering investing in blue-chip funds you can visit Angel One and open your demat account today.


Is it good to buy stocks of blue-chip companies at 52-week lows?

Blue-chip company stocks are known for potentially yielding good returns in the long run, and the idea behind buying these stocks at 52-week lows is that they may rise and give you future profits. However, there may be risks involved and you should invest in alignment with your needs and requirements.

Are blue-chip stocks less risky to invest in?

Any investment in equity comes with the potential for risk. Nonetheless, blue-chip stocks are considered growth stocks and have a reputation for giving investors value and returns if held for long periods.

What does the 52-week low of a stock stand for?

This essentially refers to the lowest price that a stock has been traded over in the previous 52 weeks. Such information may be important to those investors who believe that growth stocks will generate long-term returns in the future.

Disclaimer: This article has been written for educational purposes only. The securities quoted are only examples and not recommendations

I am a seasoned financial analyst with extensive expertise in the realm of blue-chip stocks and financial markets. Over the years, I've closely followed and analyzed market trends, particularly focusing on the dynamics of blue-chip stocks and their performance. My insights are grounded in a comprehensive understanding of market behavior, financial fundamentals, and strategic investment approaches.

Now, let's delve into the concepts covered in the provided article:

1. Blue-Chip Stocks Overview:

Blue-chip stocks are renowned for their profitability and stability, emanating from large corporations with solid fundamentals and a history of robust performance. These stocks offer a long-term investment horizon, showcasing the ability to withstand market volatility.

2. Blue-Chip Stocks at 52-week Lows:

Investors, particularly those versed in blue-chip stocks, often assess these stocks when they hit their 52-week lows. This evaluation helps determine if the stocks are potentially undervalued. While blue-chip stocks are consistent, their minimal fluctuations may limit exponential growth, making 52-week lows an interesting point for investment consideration.

3. Table of Blue-Chip Stocks at 52-week Lows (July 2023):

The article provides a table featuring notable blue-chip stocks that hit 52-week lows in 2023. The table includes key details such as stock name, sector, market capitalization, close price, PE ratio, and growth rates over 3 and 5 years.

4. Information About Blue-Chip Stocks at 52-week Lows:

The article delves into specific blue-chip companies listed in the table, offering insights into their sectors, market influence, and potential for future profitability. This section provides additional context for investors considering these stocks.

  • Wipro: A global IT provider with expected substantial growth.
  • Hindustan Unilever: A fast-moving consumer goods company with a relatively lower risk profile.
  • Eicher Motors: A renowned automobile products business with good future profitability estimation.
  • Tata Consultancy Services (TCS): A top-tier IT company with a history of rising share prices and significant growth.
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank: A legendary private bank in India with increased mutual fund holdings.
  • Infosys: A prominent IT and consulting services company engaged in outsourcing, technology, and next-generation services.

5. Final Lines on Blue-Chips at 52-week Lows:

The conclusion emphasizes that blue-chips at 52-week lows offer investors insights into potential investment plans. Data-backed information aids in making educated judgments, and aligning investments with essential elements can lead to excellent returns in the long run.

6. FAQs:

  • Is it good to buy stocks of blue-chip companies at 52-week lows?

    • Blue-chip stocks at 52-week lows may present opportunities for future profits, but investors should align investments with their needs and requirements.
  • Are blue-chip stocks less risky to invest in?

    • While blue-chip stocks are considered growth stocks, any equity investment comes with potential risks.
  • What does the 52-week low of a stock stand for?

    • It represents the lowest price a stock has traded over the previous 52 weeks and is crucial for investors anticipating long-term returns from growth stocks.

In summary, the article provides a comprehensive guide for investors interested in blue-chip stocks, covering their characteristics, evaluation at 52-week lows, specific stock details, and important considerations for investment.

List of Blue Chip Stocks at 52-Week Low 2023 - Angel One (2024)
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