Deck Building Deck Builder by (2024)

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Build a deck by building a deck

(of cards)

Deal with employees and your neighbors at the local hardware store to buy supplies and recruit help. Take those supplies back home and build your new deck.Time is limited, so use itwisely.

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Gameplay issplit into 2 Phases: collecting supplies and building the deck. Each phase requires you to select and play cards and use your time. A hand of 5 cards are pulled from your deck of cards to create your hand. Select cards from your hand to satisfy requirements (collecting supplies) ormake sets of tools and materials to complete sections of the deck structure(building phase).

Play 5 sets of plank + tool + nail/screw and 5 sets of board + tool + nail/screw to win the game!

Collecting Supplies

  1. Choose a store
    1. The high quality(3 stars) store has higher prices and high quality items, but there are more encounters andit takes 3 time to skip. You can get more
    2. The low quality (1 star) store has lower prices and low quality items, but there are less encounters and it takes 1 time to skip
  2. Encounters at the store
    1. Employees stop you to try to help
      1. Show them a tool or your expertise to let them know that you know what you're doing.
      2. They might give you free merchandise. (Tool or Material card)
      3. Played Tool cards receive a use
    2. Neighbors stop you to chit chat
      1. Show them a tool or a helper to let them know you mean business.
      2. They may decide to come with you to help or they could give you back a tool that you forgot they borrowed. (Helper or Tool card)
      3. Tool cards receive a use
    3. The hardware store may have holes and shelves that are falling apart.
      1. Fix them for a chance to become an expert (Expertise card)
      2. Material cards used are destroyed
  3. Buy supplies
    1. Stock up on supplies
      1. Planks, Board, Nails and Screwsare always available to purchase in varying amounts
      2. Two random tools of random quality are available for purchase
      3. Every card bought costs a time plus the money price of the card is
    2. Repair tools
      1. Tools can be repairedin the shop to restoreusesback to 4
      2. Every use repairedcosts $50
      3. Every 2 repaireduses on a single tool costs a time
      4. i.e. broken tools take $200 and2 time to repair EACH
    3. Sell cards
      1. You can sell cards by right clicking their icons in the shop
      2. Every card you sell costs a time
      3. The base sell amount for cards are:
        1. Expertise Cards : 100
        2. Tools : 50
        3. Planks: 25
        4. Boards :10
        5. Screws/Nails: 5
      4. The base sale price is multiplied by the number of stars of the store, i.e. a tool sells for $150 at the 3 star shop

Building Phase

  1. Usecards in your deck tobuild your deck
  2. The deck needs a combination of wood+fastener+tool to be built:
    1. Combine plank + nail + (nail gun or hammer) to create a PLANK part
    2. Combine board+ nail + (nail gun or hammer) to create a BOARD part
    3. Combine plank + screw + drill to create a PLANK part
    4. Combine plank + screw + drill to create a BOARD part
    5. Materials and tools have a time cost that is subtracted from the day's time left
    6. Materials are removed after use
    7. Tools have a limited amount of uses before they break and must be repaired at the store.
  3. Convert materials
    1. Combining (saw or circular saw + board) creates 2 planks
    2. Combining glue + plank creates a board
  4. Hire helpers
    1. Pay the cost of the helper to get them to work for you
    2. They are able to hold any material and one tool of their choice
  5. Win the gameby building 5 plank parts and 5 board parts to complete the whole deck
  6. You lose the gameif you take longer than 5 days on Normal, 4 days on Hard and 3 days on Impossible

Common Controls

  • Select Card: Left click
  • Play Selected Cards:Click the "Play" button
    • Playable combinations of cards are highlighted in green
  • Draw a new hand of 5 cards: Click the "New Hand" button
    • Every deck shuffle costs 2 time

StoreEncounter Controls

  • Skip an Encounter:Click the "Skip" button
    • Every skip costs time base on the store:
      • 1 time for one star
      • 2 time for two star
      • 3 time for three star

Store Shop Controls

  • Buy a Card: Left click the cards
    • 3 Star tools cost $200
    • 2 and 1Star tools cost $100
    • Adds it to your deck
    • Each material has a limited stock
  • Repair all tools:Click the "Repair All" button
    • Every repaired use ("+" symbol)costs $25
  • Sell cards: Right click card icons
    • If multiple cards match the icon, one of them is chosen at random

Building Controls

  • Give a card to a helper:Right click a card slot icon
    • Must have played a helper card
    • Holds the selected card between hands/discards
    • Held cards are held until they are used
  • Show a held card: Mouse over card a icon
  • Select a held card: Left click the card slot icon
    • Held cards and selected cards in your hand are outlined in green when they are valid combinations
  • End the day: Click the "End day"

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Number keys 1-5: Select a card in your hand
  • Tab: Draw new hand
  • Space: Play Selected Card
  • Enter: Skip/Next Day
  • Toggle Background Music: m or ESC
  • Press Tab or Enter on the results screen: Save a screenshot of your results

Made forEbitengine Game Jam 2024, (theme building).

Open Source

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Published 11 days ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
GenreCard Game
TagsShort, Singleplayer, solitaire


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Deck Building Deck Builder by (2024)
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