25K NEW IRAQI DINARS 1 X 25000 Crisp Uncirculated Iraq Dinar note (IQD, NID) NR (2024)

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You are bidding on one (1) New Uncirculated 25000 Dinar Note pulled from a bundle of sequentially numbered bills totalling 25K Iraq Dinar. This is the newer post-Saddam era currency. Authenticated using all seven security features.Sorry, No International Sales. Please read the payment and shipping sections. I will ship within a day or two of payment being verified. 60 day Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the authenticity. Serial numbers are tracked and blocked on the image to make it a generic representation of what you will get. No combined shipping available except for extra of the same item has the cost of insurance added. I have a certificate of authenticity from the source. Payment required within 3 days of winning.! I have 100% satisfaction and don't intend to mess that up now! Please contact me with any issues you might have and I will work to a quick and outstanding resolution! Also, please make note of the shipping costs and consider them part of the item cost. This keeps auction fees down and allows me to get it to you overall cheaper. If you do not understand this and will give me anything less than 5 stars on shipping/handling costs, I prefer you do not bid. Thanks for understanding!Some have asked if I am registered with the U.S Treasury Department as a money services business. As a matter of fact I am and would provide proof if you really need it. It is U.S. Treasury department MSB Registration Number 31000071282591.The Iraqi Dinar was worth $3.20USD before the United Nations embargo that followed Iraq's 1990 invasion of Kuwait. By August 2002 it was trading at just below 2000 to the US dollar, and by mid-April 2003 it had slipped to anywhere between 3500 and 4000 against the dollar. In July 2003 one US dollar equaled about 1,500 Iraqi Dinars, now it's at 1,168 in Iraq.Experts are expecting the next change to be a big jump back to near what it was.... they just don't know when.Potential Value increase of a 25000 Iraqi Dinar holding...If the value of the Iraqi Dinar increases to:$0.01 = $250$0.10 = $2,500$1.00 = $25,000$3.20 = $80,000 (Back to previous value)* Economic life is steadily appreciating in value. Since October 15th, the start of the Iraqi Currency Exchange (ICE), the new Dinar's worth has risen by 45%."A secure currency will provide a firm foundation for Iraq 's future". Coalition Provisional Authority press release.* After two years of economic decline, the World Bank Group estimates that Iraq's GDP (Gross Domestic Product) will rebound by 33 percent this year.* According to the Oil and Gas Journal, Iraq contains 115 billion barrels of proven oil reserves, the third largest in the world (behind Saudi Arabia and Canada)The Kuwait Dinar already did exactly what we expect this to do. People that invested a couple thousand dollars in that currency became multi-millionaires. This may turn out to be a very good investment if and when the Iraqi Dinar ReValues (RV) or Re-Institutes it's old value (RI)!!!!!!!!!!Disclaimer: The Iraqi Dinar is a collectible and is a highly speculative investment and you should always consult a licensed professional for all of your investment needs. No guarantees are given or implied as to what the value of the Iraqi Dinar will or will not be valued at in the future.This content is copyrighted @ 2011-2015 by Bryan Emory. Any duplication in whole or in part will be prosecuted! read more

25K NEW IRAQI DINARS 1 X 25000 Crisp Uncirculated Iraq Dinar note (IQD, NID) NR (3)

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25K NEW IRAQI DINARS 1 X 25000 Crisp Uncirculated Iraq Dinar note (IQD, NID) NR (2024)
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